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Hi Guys, Hydra here. Since the launch of the app Elves Realm by VsPlay, it continues to dominate the app world both on iOS and Android.

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As your GAME GUIDER, I will walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know about the game – from the basics to the most advanced topics you would need to be at the top of the game.

I will post game updates here from time to time. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Currently there are 15 servers in Elves Realm

  • Titan
  • Zeus
  • Ares
  • Seraph
  • Lilith
  • Phoenix
  • Hydra
  • Gaia
  • Tiamat
  • Furfur
  • Moirai
  • Astrea
  • Genesis
  • Azara
  • Moirai
  • Fafnir

To download the app, click on the links below

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There are lots of events since the launch of this game. All of them are posted on individual event pages on VsPlay’s Facebook page.

Have you downloaded it yet?

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Share with us your impressions.


263 Responses to Welcome to Elves Realm Guide Site

  1. Outsiders says:

    flame tower and shadow tower, I passed the first floor ,defeated the monster ,but I can’t go to the second floor , there is something wrong

  2. Myron says:

    Hi, I do think this is a great blog. I stumbledupon it ;)
    I’m going to come back yet again since i have book marked it.
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    be rich and continue to help other people.
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  3. Brenden Grillett says:

    The Apple Store Link is broken it just takes me to a blank screen

  4. GMG-C says:

    Dears, Hydra has already passed on.
    What’s important is a life fully lived.

  5. seraph says:

    hydra is dead?

  6. Pumkins says:

    Hello Hydra! I really love ER. Some times, I can’t use my phone, so I want to play this game on my pc. Can I play it? If I can, how can I play? Thank you Hydra and please reply.. :). I waiting for you…;)

    (sorry my english not good)

  7. LibraX says:

    Hi hydra,

    Can you tell me how I can improve my deck? I am current level 79 using a hybrid deck.
    My deck consists of
    2 seraph level 15
    2 fafnir level 15
    1 fafnir level 10
    1 ares level 15
    1 tiamat level 15
    1 archmage level 15
    1 dream goddess level 10

    I haven’t been wining rank matches or clearing dungeons smoothly. Any tips on that?

  8. El bagus says:

    Hi hydra, I am at level 79 today, I love this game so much.. but, I always log in to this game with my FACEBOOK account. Can I change log in using PLAY NOW? So I can have my invitation code. But the most important, I need more privacy for my facebook account. Thankyou hydra and please reply.. :)

  9. Seymour says:

    Hey! Ijust wanted to ask iif you ever have any problems with hackers?
    My lawst blo (wordpress) was hacked and I ended
    up losing many months of hard work due tto no back up.

    Do you have any methods to stop hackers?
    Seymour invites you to read …SeymourMy Profile

  10. Teo says:

    WTS lvl 83 account with Bear resistance, Heaven Keeper and many others.
    Leave reply with your contact for further details.

  11. Windydrive says:

    I have some questions.
    I have 5 spear fighters cards to make Bellona but i don’t know how to make it? Pls.

  12. nichelle says:

    Heya! Uhm… There’s an event that when you recharge crystals, you’ll get a reward. How do you recharge crystals? I dont know how to do it. Please reply ASAP

  13. Confusion says:

    How come I can’t find this game on any app store? I’m having a really hard time downloading it.

  14. Greetings from Florida! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to check out your
    website on my iphone during lunch break. I love the information you
    provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I
    get home. I’m amazed at how fast your blog loaded
    on my mobile .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, very good blog!
    AngststöRung invites you to read …AngststöRungMy Profile

  15. mrdon says:

    hi, please to meet ya
    i got some questions to ask,
    actually its been a long time i stop playing ER coz of problem with my phone
    so i just downloaded ER back lately, so ive miss a lot of events n infos
    ive seen a lot of new cards available, but i still stuck with the old one eventho i bought the party cards (99 crystals)
    how am i suppose to do to get those awesome cards? should i update it or uninstall or etc?
    thx in advance

  16. Naruto says:

    It’s been truly hard to get tiamat. I’m at lv 67, but no sign of tiamat…

  17. Cosmos says:

    Hi hydra :)

    Long time no contact :)

    Btw, do you have the database of all new cards released in new version?
    Here are some in case you need it, so can update this site as well :)

    [ursine shaman]
    [monky king] –> Not sure about the space
    [dragon master]

    Do you know other?

    Also, I found this interesting card :
    – [ little nurse] (people said bellona is athena)
    – there is also imp something, but not sure

    Want to share some help as well on DI
    [Mahr] -> Only need 3 cards with warpath, 4CD, that don’t die from demon armor (i tested bearwarrior lv 15, umpirage titan, ghost eye 15, templararchon).. Dont put cards with resistance..

    Hope this helps :)

  18. H4ney says:

    Hi Hydra :) , it seem I’m stucking in Rank 160-180, I questioned myself whether Archmage is a good card or bad one?

    My deck mostly consist of Kingdom:
    3 Tiamat
    4-5 Seraph
    1 Archmage
    The other two cards i mostly use is Arthemis and Soulreaper, I also have Fairy Queen..

    Should i reduce the number of Seraph and take archmage out :(??

    Thx for your time ;D

  19. El bagus says:

    Hi hydra.. i was uninstaled my ER than I instaled again to get newest version.. but I can not login normaly with my facebook account.. can you help me please.. because I fuckin love ER.. thanks hydra.. need ur reply soon

  20. Jenei says:

    some one help me please ..
    just make a good deck for me

    My Cards is
    2fairy Queen
    4 Dream Goddes
    2 the Phopet
    3 Ares
    3 Fafnire
    6 Seraph 2 lvl 15
    5 Tiamat
    2 Horn general
    3 Scorpio
    4 banshee
    1 Lish Lord
    2 Soul Reaper
    2 Kirin
    4 Phonixe
    1 Dark demon
    7 Arch Demon
    2 Niad lvl 15
    2 Dream Clirce lvl 15
    2 high Night Elf lvl 15
    2 Foun Elder
    8 Demon King
    5 Ghost Treant lvl 15
    1 Chaos Dragon
    2 Hydra
    2 lilith lvl 15
    2 Aranyani lvl 15
    Omg and almost all 4 star and 3star card

    i have all Runes
    Please help me to make a strong Deck no one can beat it

    • Hydra says:

      There is no universal deck that no one can defeat. There is “always” a deck that could defeat other decks. Because ER designed the cards to have a limited 3 skills and each race countering other races (Forest fears Hell, Hell fears Kingdom, Kingdom fears wild, Wild fears Forest), the loop goes on.

      You should create the deck “DEPENDING” on your enemy. That is true also with any competitions in life – the enemy’s weakness is your strength.
      Hydra invites you to read …Onaga Deck, The Secret Finally RevealedMy Profile

      • Loki says:

        This deck is almost top 10 in any server i warantee, and you deck almost have all:
        3 FAF + 1 Goddess + Fairy
        4 Seraph + 1 Tia

        Rune: artic, pamer, thunder shield, Nimbus

  21. nocky says:

    hi hydra can you give me some advice

    my deck is
    -seismic turtle
    -horn general

    Im Lvl 34 i need your advice

    and some my deck

    -tantor guard what my doing it is much better ?

  22. Simi Kennix says:

    Hello all, can you assist me a good deck?

    I have:

    1 seraph (lv10) , 1 fafnir (lv 10), 1 prophet (lv 10), 1 phoenix (lv 10), 1 scorpio (lv 10), 1 astrea (lv 10), 1 horn general (lv 0) and 1 lich lord (lv 0)

    1 turtle (lv 15), 1 titan (lv 15), 1 royal guard (lv 15), 1 mamoth (lv 15), 1 blade master (lv 10)

    dominix, kinara, archdemon (all lv 10)
    2 templar
    1 durahan, 1 medusa, 1 lilith, 1 jade dragon, 3 dryad, 1 faun elder, 1 archmage, 1 turtle, 1 marmaid, 2 maiad, 1 machina, 2 pleiade, 2 arayani, 1 archbishop (all lv 10)

    dark punisher, snow giant, faun warcall, chief minotaur, luna ballista, cyclops, fenrir, or general, bone dragon, lampade, peri psychic …

    alot of 3 stars …

    I’m looking for king hell, or king forest but still not success.

    Please help.

    2 armed rose

    • Coral says:

      To made good kingforest need at least 2 fafnir, for king cards 3 sera is needed, then u can add titan n Am, the rest to your imagination

  23. Empty Lim says:

    Just to check why i can’t evolve my 5 star card?

  24. Kanashimi says:

    Is there any updates for the new version. It still crashes when it reach the “Login” portion.

  25. Newbie says:

    When will you make a guide for Clan War?

  26. rozana says:

    THANK YOU for your guide Hydra. I am now stuck both hidden level in map 10. Can you please guide me?

  27. Vermew says:

    Hi Hydra,
    Do Fire Drake can really be found in forest pack?

  28. koozold says:

    Hi Hyra,

    Recently King-forest getting popular and they are very strong combination. Especially with Tiamat, seraph fafi, Artemis, furfur and archmage. Anyway to over this two races combination? Getting irritated with most of the player use this combination. Thanks in advance.

    • Hydra says:

      It is the best deck around. Next to hell deck with dark demon cards. But most people dont have dark demon card because it is super rare.

      My strategy for this deck is go for the hero kill (burning soul). If u cant beat the cards, then u might as well get hell cards with resu or tier it with wild cards for dirt.

      • koozold says:

        Hi Hyra,

        Thanks you for the advise. Hero’s blood for high level quite hard to kill. Hell and wild not able to tank and cards die first before able to kill hero. I’m thinking what is the best solution? Also, dirt and resu need to cd again in hand. By that time, hero die first before the cards able to go in battlefield. Thanks you to enlighten me.

  29. Albert Kung says:

    This site is dead

  30. HolyLegend says:

    I need help with my deck..Keep stuck at ranking now :(

    I currently have king wild and king forest deck,not sure which is better.

    King wild
    2 lv10tiamats
    1lv15 seraph(fire ball 1)
    2lv10 seraph
    1 lv10 Archmage
    1 lv10 jorm
    1 lv15 turtle (thunderbolt 1)
    1 lv15 mermaid (concentration 5)
    1 lv10 Fafnir

    King forest

    2 lv10 tiamats
    2lv10 seraph
    1 lv15 seraph
    1 lv10 archmage
    1 lv10 furfur
    1 lv10 Fafnir
    1 lv10 pheonix
    1 lv15 turtle

    Need some advice..which is better and how to improve it?

    • HolyLegend says:

      Btw I have spare naiad,frost treants and archmage to evolve and shuffle. I also have 2 lv10 ares,considering playing pure king.

  31. budi says:

    How to beat kingdom n forest combination…always the hardest one…

    • crimson013 says:

      you beat kingdom and forest by using kingdom and hell. try it, use a burning soul deck. king-forest is slow tiamat and faffy both 6 cool down. use senkas and you will win.

  32. Virus_Detected says:

    Last hit kill on the demon invasion was my idea. I suggest it in the fast event. I think i deserve some reward for it!

  33. Illlumi says:

    Weee! Finally finished 10-10 map with 4*and 3* cards after so many trial and error!

  34. XiaoYang says:

    Please guide for achievement narrow win. I had tried tons of times to complete this achievement yet it is really hard. After 50 rounds, both hero hp will drop dramastically. Therefore, I can’t use low atk cards, help. I am really desperate to finish this the last achievement. My hero is 7120 hp

    P.s. I ask my friend to set deck for me to friendly match.

  35. Zoom says:

    Hello hydra
    I desperately need you to help me maximize my deck
    I just got new cards from the event and I don’t know which ones to keep
    My cards are hell wild
    Hell :
    Soul keeper lv10
    Lilith lv15
    Bone dragon lv15
    Medusa lv15
    Demon spirit lv10
    Black widow lv15
    Mermaid lv10
    Mammoth lv10
    Kinnara lv10
    Seismic turtle lv10
    Dark punisher lv10

    My runes are : Tranparency, Red valley, Stone forest, Stonewall
    I have 20 golden scraps as well

    My other cards are :
    Wild : Cyclops x2, Bear warrior, Chief minotaur, Fenrir, Wyvern
    Hell : Red dragon, Durahan,Demon king, Arch demon

    I used to go pure wild or pure hell, but it doesn’t seem work
    Please I need your comment
    1. My decks included…
    2. Exchange my 20 golden scraps for? I’m about to go for dirt??

    • Rosario says:

      In my opinion ! You shouldn’t use pure hell or pure wild. You will be easy to defeated by anyone have encounter deck with you
      The best way you should choose is mix them. I mean you can use 5 wild cards and 5 hell card. It make your deck stronger. Because Wildeness have the strongest with rune support for physical attack like red valley and stone forest ( reflect spell ). It’s make your summon stronger and stand longer in field. Hell rune can not do like this, but hell card have many summons which have resurrection and the most powerful rune is “BURNING SOUL”.
      Try to mix them and you will see the magical :)

      Nice to meet you !

      • Zoom says:

        Thank you Rosario
        I’m using hell/wild deck right now but I’m having a problem that I have more than 10 cards I wish to keep in my deck as I listed above.
        So I’m asking for an opinion which cards to keep/discard.

        Thanks again for your kindness

        • four says:

          I think hell-wild isn’t good. They’re both are attacker, not defender. You need at least a healer card which is most of them are in Forest or Kingdom. But for Hell-Wild, I suggest you:
          Bear Warrior
          as you already use Mammoth, you dont need Dark Punisher anymore. (I find Dark Punisher is useless than Mammoth)

          Soul Reaper (this is a must haha)
          Bone Dragon
          Demon Spirit
          I find Lilith is useless, easily die so not effective.

          Runes: Death Zone, Red Valley, Burning Soul, Stone Forest or that one fire rune that 10 golden scraps (i forgot its name uh) or you can use Dirt as well. (But after I exchange Dirt, I find it bit useless too, even the precentage 70%, they keep not resurrect and also this rune is easy to activate and sometimes my cards haven’t died yet the rune can’t be activated anymore.)

          That’s all. May this help you.

  36. Kelvin says:

    Is there any advantage of enchanting the turkey cards?

  37. Obsling says:

    Hydra, I install the new version of Elves realm and its not working anymore. I cant even enter to the log in page.

  38. Jesheil says:

    Hi Hydra,

    what is broken scrap for?

  39. henzel says:

    hi hydra can u post about on how to do magic tournament??

  40. kim^ipswich says:

    can i recharge using prepaid load?

  41. lovmiszu says:

    nice guide.but i think is hard to get 4s & 5s card.i really wanted that card T.T
    but i really like this game n enjoy ^^

  42. Dragon says:

    hi hydra i’ve data about hero (exp used, hp, cost, and friend). Do u want it? i can send file to u by email.

  43. Jiew says:

    I using hell card can u give me advice on making a curse deck any recommend card?

    • Hydra says:

      I also want curse deck, but without [Dark Demon], that is hard to achieve. Banshee+Medusa set, with burning soul are ideal. Senka is also a must to kill the opponent cards.

      Chop Shop is coming and Senka is within our reach :)

  44. Hiruman says:

    Hey, Hydra where could I find Griffin Rider, Beast Master and Diastat? I’ve already spent 3000 Crsytal to bought a Kingdom Pack but never get my hand on these guys.

    • Hydra says:

      They are event cards only.. (Party packs and monthly login rewards)

      • Hiruman says:

        Ooh, man… That’s too bad. And I really want them in my deck. Thanks anyway.

        Oh yeah, any good Kingdom card for strengthening my current deck? I don’t own 5* card, barely win against that 2 Soul Reaper in map 8-10 and having a very hard time against map 8 hard difficulty.

        Here’s my deck list: All at Lv. 10
        1x Arch Bishop
        2x Royal Guard
        1x Templar
        1x Mammoth / Titan
        1x Black Widow
        1x Medusa
        1x Lampede
        1x Naiad

        Rune: Fire Forge, Stone Forest, Clear Spring, and Mineral
        Can’t afford high lv Rune since I’m very unlucky. Yeah I’ve already tried your meditation trick and all I got is… Vortex… :)

  45. IOSANDROID says:

    can you make elves realm on PC/laptop ;)

  46. Henzel says:

    hi hydra where is the guide where i can see the magic pack cards?

  47. rayhanzulna says:

    HI Hydra ;), in the temple, i tried to meditate as many as i can, but i never get 4s rune of 5s :(, what is your solution for this (please answer it quick plz)(and sorry about my english ;))

    • Hydra says:

      Instead of burning your gold quickly, take it slow.

      One technique is to press meditate until Diviner lights up.

      Then leave it there for 6 hours or more (i usually leave it for a day)

      After 6 hrs (or 1 day) press meditate. It should give you purple or gold scrap (not always but most of the time, it will)

      You could exchange these scraps for runes.

      I usually do this at night so when i wake up, im ready to collect my gold, purple or vortex (lol)

  48. Nemesis Loki says:

    can u make a guide for building decks to help the newbies, like full wild/king/hell/forest, or half wild+half forest and many more deck strategies?

  49. Mans says:

    Where can I get this card called fire cracker?

  50. ken83 says:

    Hi.. Dear.. Is there any tips how the best way to explore the maze to higher chance to get 5* card.. Thanks

    • Hydra says:

      No proven strategy exists as of now. Just pure luck and perseverance. (Although ER mentioned that resetting the maze gives higher chance of getting 5s)
      Hydra invites you to read …Show Capital My Profile

      • lance sapnu says:

        im already level 40 but in the maze i can,t get level 5 cards how sa from me because i can,t defeat my enemy. help me to get strong card in my deck.

        • Huntress says:

          Don’t worry about getting 5s your still at low lvl and you can get free 5s when your lvl 50,60,70,and so on…
          Me I only get 5s when I am lvl 50 (system reward [Phoenix]and I only got 5s [Fafnir] when I am lvl 53 at maze 8 , keep playing mazes 5s don’t leave :) you will get soon

  51. ken83 says:

    Nice job.. I am enjoy for the tips that u posted.. I am frm titan server my role name is ken83..

  52. Mans says:

    Can I get a 5* from 7-9 maze?

  53. angel says:

    -Pls increase the reward for the demon like 1000-4999 is just 5000 and you worked so hard for it like im lvl 24 in my other account
    -Most of the events are for high levels like of the capital letter elves realm for lvl 40 that im sure they have one 5 star or more

  54. Fafnir says:

    Thx Hydra for the walk through.. Could you give me an advice to win the map 10-10? That’s hard because the dodge of Ares and Tiamat with combination of Seraph’s exile..

  55. Eikun says:

    Hydra please add Astraea in tower lvl8.. I got it now..

  56. Thien Ly Man Coi says:

    My deck really need help for ranking. I got:
    3 Fafnir, 1 phoenix, 1 hydra, 1 soul, 1 banshee, 2 archmage, 1 guath
    Rune: Ray Prison, Thunder Shields, Arctics Freeze, Inferno

    Backup: 2 medusa, 2 naiad, 1 titan, 2 BM, 1 turtle, 4 unicorn, 2 lampade, 2 dryad, 2 pleiade, 2 manmoth,

    But my rank is only around 150-200.

    Same name in Ares server.

    Any suggestion on how to push up my rank?

    • Hydra says:

      You got very powerful cards. I advise take out hydra and guath and replace it with 2 medusa.
      (I am not a fan of archmage because of its very long wait time – but if your hero could take the damage, then include them)

      If you would use 1 archmage, then arctic freeze will be useless — you could replace it with burning soul or lore instead.
      Hydra invites you to read …5s [Astrea] Event, where could you find the cards?My Profile

  57. qays says:

    Hydra I do have a problem with my deck.. I don’t know what to do. Currently I’m using these cards in my deck:

    3 fafnir, 1 phoenix, 1 soul reaper, 1 naiad ( evolved),
    1 archmage, 1 tinuth, 1 titan, 1 blade master.

    But my deck always defeated. Please give me some idea.
    Yet, I still cant get any 5* for kingdom

    • Hydra says:

      Your deck is already good. But you lack disabler.
      You could also improve your rune (arctic freeze and thundershield) or try to add 2 wild to add and activate red valley.

      • qays says:

        Im using that runes. Hmm any idea if I want to put 2 wild which card..I dont have 5* cards for wild either.. mammoth n seissmic turtle ok? And which card I should take out to replace them?

  58. Lay ling says:

    Heya hydra , just curious , do level 1 thief give you 5*? if not from which level onward?

  59. Temple says:

    Hi Hydra!!! This guide is the best :)
    But can you add some technique in temple
    Because it’s so really hard to get scraps I spent almost
    2m gold in temple I just always got blue scraps now I am
    Lvl 41 but don’t have good runes also cards
    Hydra please make a GUIDE /TECHNIQUE IN TEMPLE PLEASE!!!! :)

    • Hydra says:

      Ok. I will post soon.

      • Tiamat says:

        I try anytime for Temple.. The result is better.

        I try for old server, means Zeus Server

        Try have 500,000 golds, and you must a good connection (Wi-Fi)
        I click faster, like spam temple..
        Maybe, you can get *4 Runes like Explosion, Thundershield, anymore..

        For 500,000 golds, you can get at least 3 purple scraps and 2 gold scraps.

        I try on 06.00 (GMT +8)

  60. budi says:

    Dear hydra…
    U said most difficult map is when our opponent is kingdom n forest…can it mean vice versa..I mean the best deck for us is kingdom n forest?if that what u mean I will upgrading my forest card..:) sori about my english…im not good in this language :)

  61. budi says:

    Btw which 11 n 12 hard u get 5*..I always get 4 star…still curious which battle I should fight for in those map to get 5*..hydra still not update the map yet … thnks hydra for the map guide so I know which map I should fight harder to win :)

  62. Mans says:

    Is there a special card if there is how does it look like

  63. Tonggar says:

    Ohh guys.. i always see u guys talking about not get 5* card yet and not excited anymore.. oh guys.. u all can get that 5* from playing maze,thief,coupon.. and if u have realy realy realy bad luck u can get 5* card if u lvl 50 , in map 11hard ,map 12hard, and u can buy from clan shop if clan shop reach lvl 10.. you guys see? No need luck lol
    haha.. i realy like this game xD

    hydra.. u active in phoenix.. thats realy good :P

  64. AlDm28 says:

    Im hopeless to this game. I cant get anymore 5* , i get some few but its useless at all , btw , thank u for the tips ~~

  65. AlDm28 says:

    I cant get anymore 5*, im hopeless even i do all my best, i got nothing always, its better to quit the game , bye thank u for tips!

  66. Firdaus Prawira says:


    Can you tell me how many clan levels there are to be upgraded by Emblems?

    Also the crystal cost of the upgrade per level.

    Thank you

  67. Firdaus Prawira says:

    Could you inform me of the Emblem cost for upgrading clan?

    How many levels are there, and what is the emblem cost per level to upgrade

    Thank you

  68. Metronome says:

    Hydra, thanks for the shout out.. =)

  69. mhark says:

    Im excited to complete my chips…. and now done to completing it…. but the bad news is only one magic coupon…. im so disspointed….. huhu…. 2 months to completing it….

  70. mhark says:

    -im already map 10-6….. hard…. 5* stilll hope….

  71. kelvin says:

    Why am i not getting any 5* from Magic Tournament? is it purely based on luck? or?

  72. mhark says:

    Hydra- why I dont have enchant evolve?
    mhark invites you to read …DarkElf Invasion GuideMy Profile

  73. CrimsonAsh says:

    Black widow shuffled 6x = exile quick strike
    Black widow shuffled 8x = resistance from exile destroy and teleportation

    I skipped 7 because its now worth it

    Ganbatte will be waiting for clan guide from you Hydra

  74. budi says:

    Im stuck in level 11-2..the enemy keep sucking my hero’s hp…
    still dont have 5 star card…keep searching in a maze with no luck…any advice facing enemy who suck your heroes hp?

  75. mhark says:

    Im level 46 but I dont have 5* card….. I cant pass map 9-10…. hard….. huhu…. help…

  76. rofi says:

    Mr hydra i cant found evoleve guide..
    where i can get that guide ??
    please help me

  77. John.pp says:

    Tournament guide?

    What happens if we win?

  78. ElvesPlayer says:

    Hmmm Android new update??
    What it is about? Anyone ?

  79. Shane says:

    Good evening Hydra. Just now I lucky win 8-10, the sky tower 5 th more difficult to defeat than 8-10?

  80. Bedul says:

    Hydra!! How could you?? :( i dont have any 5* card!!! I need dark demon to partner with 3 level10 medusa and my burning soul runes!!! Help me!! :(

  81. bluedestiny says:

    Where can I find a place where I can put in suggestions? :) I have one for battles

  82. Shane says:

    Dark demon can get from hell magic pack?

  83. romanlagang says:


    What is/are the benefits of being a clan leader?

    What happened to your FB function? haha!?!


  84. Mys2guN says:

    Is it only me or others experience this too? After the last update when I’m on the game or in the middle of the battle suddenly I was log out. And it keeps on happening that it pissed me off because I waste some of my energy when I am in the middle of a battle. T_T

  85. (^_^) says:


    How does rune and card ability work? Do they stack with each other? For example, Nimble Soul rune and Master Blade’s dodge ability, does it just choose one ability?

    • Hydra says:

      Yes it stacks and it does not depending on ability.
      Fire God stacks if the skills are not of the same level (ie Fg 3 & Fg 5)
      It does not stack if the level is the same.
      For parry it stacks.
      For dodge, card tries to use the first dodge(rune), if the atk will hit, it will try to dodge using the second dodge skill(card ability).

  86. Satoko says:

    Hydra,I try to retrieve my password.I have type my username and email correctly but it just say ‘password successfully retrieved’.It still does not tell me my password.What should I do?

  87. Rdcelestial says:

    Please help cannot open my account anymore after the update. Please help on what to do?

  88. William says:

    I don’t know where to put this but I think it would be helpful in beating “THIEFS”. Level 51-60 thiefs are magic types. All of them cast Nova Frost so be careful and use Reflect skills.

  89. BARRY says:

    Is there a guide about using the clan functions

  90. Roan says:

    So what the rate of getting 5* card? @_@ no luck… still stuck at 7th map =__=

  91. Gari Lagang says:

    Hey hydra!

    Where can i personally email you?

    Thank you.

  92. Roan says:

    Legendary thief will get what?

  93. FarkMyLife says:


    Haha My first post here! Keep it going~ Still waiting for my 5* lol

  94. Gari Lagang says:


    Any tips for level 8 – 8?? I can’t pass that stage! T_T

    • Hydra says:

      I was able to pass 8-8 with a deck with Tiamat and Phoenix.

      • Gari Lagang says:

        I do not have any 5 star cards yet.. Though i finally passed that stage.. i am on stage 9-6 right not.. still without 5 star card.. ^_^

        • Hydra says:

          Nice one Gary. You are an inspiration to those who havent gotten their 5s yet. Would u like to share your deck?

          • Gari Lagang says:

            Sure! No problem!

            I mainly use two types of deck:

            The 1st deck is mostly pure damage. Its a mix of hell and kingdom cards. I have Bone dragon, red dragon, durahan, medusa, darkstalker, archmage, titan and royal guard. I primarily use this deck against magic reflect type user.

            My 2nd deck is composed of mix hell and forest cards. I use my 2nd deck for more spread out damage. Same hell cards as above with Lampade, Elf Wizard and Aranyani.

            Still hoping to finally get my 1st 5* card.. ^_^

  95. edcel says:

    Hydra,where can i get medusa

  96. Eren__n says:

    Hydra, does other member excluding leader in clan able to kick or accept other member?

  97. Tokha says:

    Tokha’s here :D

  98. thanks for the infos hydra

    -marinerjie from Zeus server

  99. Skyvern says:

    Hey Hydra can you please post the chances or possibilities of acquiring 5* star cards depending on whether they came from magic pack, magic coupon, tower chest, tower completion or clan store.

  100. Ned Stark says:

    Hey Hydra may I suggest that you add a guide on towers. It will really help guys who are stuck like me (LOL).
    Great guides by the way. Keep up the good work!

  101. hoehoehoe says:

    Hey hydra, great job man, nicely done! Ive been searching for this kind of website a while now n this is the first. Will post some ideas n stuff when I have one. Lol anyway, congrats n keep it up! ^^m

  102. Phong Nhi says:

    Hi Hydra !
    Thanks for your website. Great website,I can find communication of game to it. Hope you can fill up it in future ^^
    Uhmmm i have a question want you help me. Can u help me ?
    I want ask Clan match. Do u have join it ? How to play ? Reward ? How many member join ? After join clan match,how much time to can join next time ? Clan loser has lost anything ??? Pls help me Hydra.

    Have a nice day and fun.
    See yah

  103. Atheist says:

    Ncely done Hydra! A very good job! Anyway, If i want to give some of my insights about the game, is it possible to contact you and add that insight to this website?


  105. axelrod says:

    nice work hydra…

  106. Wee Nam says:

    Thanks for the page really hope that more info will be up
    — NlHnaM

  107. dreamhigh says:

    Thanks boss

  108. dreamhigh says:

    Thanks for the real informative page! =D Really appreciate your efforts, hoping for more tips from you guys

  109. Gari Lagang says:


    Are you one of the game’s developer or are you an avid fun like many of us? ^_^


  110. Sanchenz says:

    Cool site!

  111. RushSykes says:

    Hydra what’s your best card?

  112. Hayu Ceria says:

    its really helpfull. thankssss

    #death angel

  113. ZjsM says:

    Thank you for all, hydra!!!
    Love it <3

  114. Kryo says:

    Good job thr! will visit often too. “currently waiting for the rune page to be updated !”

  115. Sivali says:

    hydra, jofius, it’s me Sivali here!
    Let’s band ourselves together boys!
    Sounds fun killing this (:
    Saw this post, decided to put this here for some momentum.
    hydra thanks a million for making this for our server
    Have a deck rewarding time ahead

    With love – sivali

    Elves Realm
    3 hours ago ·
    Demon Invasion!!! (Today’s Demon will only open at 21:00 GMT+8)
    The World BOSS is coming!!! This event will be started at both 13:00 and 21:00 every day (GMT+8), all players need to fight together to kill the demon during the schedule time. After defeat the demon, every player who joined this battle can get large rewards

  116. Sivali says:

    Can’t resist a buzz here, hydra your site’s inspirational. I seen this other card onaga and angel of death. Would be nice to seeing it for jaw dropping expressions. Let’s way on jofius to make us a clan. (:
    Happy decking and have a deck rewarding gaming, both of you hydra and jofius! To me as well!
    With love – sivali

  117. JOfius says:

    Two thumbs up!! Nice layout you have here! Will visit often

  118. Hydra says:

    Thanks Z3F, I hope the contents will be filled up soon by helpful strategies about the game. Thanks again for dropping by.

  119. Z3F says:

    few things:
    1. All the tips given in the game to be put into this website
    2. Difference between types of element attack i.e. fire, lightning
    3. For beginners, to inform to keep several low star cards instead of selling to get gold for enchant
    4. Basic combo strategies for beginners
    4. What type of class can inflict more damage to other class
    5. How does the probability work?
    6. Give some screenshot examples of important game aspect
    7. Tips on where to get 5 star cards
    8. Advice on the good cards to keep for 3 star and above
    (best to see how Cryptids develop their website – shouldn’t be too far off)

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