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190 Responses to Card Gallery

  1. dragoon says:

    hydra the other clans wont let me in join
    do you know how to make a clan for myself
    dragoon invites you to read …New version is outMy Profile

  2. dragoon says:

    hydra who will i replace for chaotic bear spellsword or charlatan

  3. pokerface says:

    Should I restart since I did something wrong with the game

  4. miss solidifier says:

    I am lv 28.
    My deck has:
    Sea monster
    Black widow
    Chief pirate
    Magic titan
    Runes are :
    Vortex and wasteland
    Is there any way I can improve my deck?

  5. pokerface says:

    What can I do to improve my deck
    Plese give me advice

  6. pokerface says:

    My cards deck consist of:
    Dream cleric
    High night elf
    Spare cards are:
    Seismic turtle
    Ps: I am collecting 3 star cards for the fafnir event
    I am level 35
    Runes are

  7. Inuyasha says:

    Selling my Account its 100$ OnLy

    This is My Deck King-Wild

    * Horn General
    * Scorpio
    * Dark Punisher
    * Seraph
    * Arch Bishop
    * Seismic Turtle
    * Black Widow
    * Titan
    * Blade Master

    This is my Deck but unless King Wild

    * Fafnir
    * Pleadiade
    * Dryad
    * Frost Treant

    And this is My Rune

    * Red Valley
    * Stone Wall
    * Permafrost
    * Clear Springs

    There are Extra Rune

    * Thunder Shield
    * Spring Breeze

    Just Pm Me this is My Fb Nocky Sabino ^_^

  8. mocky says:

    Hi Hydra I Allready invited 20x friend and all i have done the tutorial Beginner but i dont have a Time Traveller ?

  9. nocky says:

    Hi HyDra Can you give me some advice im Lvl 32

    What my deck in used

  10. Nocky says:

    HI HyDra I got
    -horn general
    -ghost eye
    -dark punisher
    -red dragon
    -treant ghostx2

    What Do you think in my deck is better im lvl 31

  11. Nocky says:

    hi mr hydra am not contented in my deck im not sure if a better
    This is my Deck

    *Horn GeneraL
    *Dark punisher
    *Red Dragon
    *Ghost Eye

    And i have EXtra Card

    *Ghost Treant 2x
    *Faun Elder

    im Lvl 31 ok

  12. ShinningShadow says:

    Is Card Gallery complete? Why I count kind of Kingdom card and Forest card in my game is not equal in your gallery?

    Thank you so much for your data

  13. enchant says:

    Hi hydra, why still i cant enchant 5 str card? lv 52

  14. Catennacio says:

    I believe you need to update Templar Archon.. great card!

  15. D3nnis says:

    Hi is Astrea useful ? Plan to build a pure kingdom deck .. I nid some advice thx …

  16. kael thaz says:

    Hydra why u dont reply me i need a advice how do i get ares n atena

  17. Chickenpox says:

    Please update all cards pleaseeeee

  18. Russ25 says:

    Um Hydra why is [Elf Assassin] at 5 star cards? And [Blood Lych] In Forest? Somethings are messed up here….

  19. PekaBoo says:

    Hi Hydra, Hope You Are Still Maintaining And Reading This Website…

    My Deck:
    Aranyani – Healing 3
    Naiad – Rejuvenation 1
    Pleadiade – Rejuvenation 2
    Mammoth – Electric Shock 3
    Seismic Turtle

    Death Zone
    Red Valley

    My Weakness:
    – Seraph. once seraph is in opponent deck, I confirm lose, only seismic, Tiamat, and Kinnara can withstand.

    I suggested using Ray Prison before but it ends very fast.

    Extra Cards: Forest/Wild
    Mermaid x2
    DragonRider x3
    Viking Hunter x2 (After DE event – 21st)
    Jade Dragon
    Elf Knight

    Have 5s cards but less is forest/wild
    Astrea x3
    Soul Reaper

    Extra Runes:
    Nimble Soul – ArchMage and Aranyani is always having less cards in cemetery – always die cause of seraph exile

    Hope you are reading this, if not my words are in vain. :(

  20. Mina says:

    Hello Hydra, can you please give me some advice? I can’t beat map 8-7 T_T And I don’t have any 5 star cards yet, no seraph too :<

  21. TrafalGarLaw says:

    How to get Zen Master, anyone know?

  22. Secretsz says:

    Hydra, Rate My Deck Please… …

    – Leviatation
    – Soul Reaper
    – Kinnara
    – Mammoth lv15
    – Mammoth
    – Sesimic Turtle
    – Phoneix
    – Naiad
    – Faun Elder
    – Pleadiade

    – Red Valley
    – Stone Forest
    – Thundershield
    – Transparency

    Extra Cards / Runes:
    – Tiamat
    – Archbishop
    – Orc General
    – Fenrir
    – Chaotic Bear
    – Dryad
    – Aranyani x4
    – Elf Knight
    – Chief Mino.

    Extra Runes:
    – ALL 3s Runes (Have a lot of blue scraps, lol)
    – Death Zone, Ray Prison
    – Explosion.

  23. junir2nd says:

    hydra my deck is


  24. Paoulo says:

    Hello sir hydra, do you think my forest wilderness deck is good for a level 45 player? These are my cards:

    All level 10: Fafnir, 2 aranyani, 2 black widow, jade dragon, Faun elder, lampade, and Mammoth. Rune all level 4: Mineral, spring breeze, thunder sheild and fire forge.

    Thanks for the reply. :)

  25. GodzAthena says:

    Hi Anyone, this is my first time posting something in this forum, if I offended anyone, sorry!!

    I am actually playing a set of cards but it didn’t turn out well, so I am making a new one. Is it good? What needs to be improved?

    My Deck:
    – Tiamat
    – Archbishop
    – Leviation
    – Medusa
    – Phoneix
    – Naiad
    – Faun Elder
    – Sesimic Turtle
    – Mammoth lv15
    – Mammoth

    – Article Freeze
    – Red Valley
    – Ray Prison
    – Death Zone

    Extra Cards:
    – Aranyani x4 (2 lv10)
    – Chief Minotaur (lv10)
    – Orc General (lv10)
    – Cyclops x2
    – BladeMaster
    – Templar
    – Royal Guard
    – Jade Dragon (lv10)
    – Plediade (lv10)
    – Dryad (lv10)
    – Medusa
    – Lilith x2
    – Durahan

    That’s All, any help appreciated to modify my deck, I am in a clan and have appromixetly 4000honor, kingdom/wilderness/forest/hell level 5,
    If there are cards thee which is recommended please tell.

    Cheers!! =D

  26. Horacus says:

    Is my gleam good?

    Faun Elder
    Mammoth lv15
    Seismic Turtle
    Fenrir — Kinnara

    I”m playing Tiamat and levitation cause they are 5s, want removing them for other forest cards to aid my wilderness with healing. Scared without my 5s they will lose T.T

    Other Forest cards:
    Jade Dragon lv10
    Elf Knight lv10
    Aranyani lv10
    Aranyani lv0
    Aranyani lv0
    Dryad lv10
    Pleadiade lv10

    Other wilderness cards: (lv10)
    Orc General
    Chief Minotaur

    Maybe I can mix with kingdom? Other kingdom cards

    Need your opinion to mix which class, Thanks!!!

  27. iwooyun says:

    May I ask you one question?
    How to get Gaia and Saint hindin? thx :))

  28. abhilasha says:

    Hydra I’m lvl 47. Is my deck okay I m typing in the following :
    Lvl 10 seismic turtle
    Lvl 10 seraph
    Lvl 10 banshee
    Lvl 10 titan
    Lvl 10 naiad
    Lvl 12 mammoth
    Lvl 10 fenrir
    Lvl 10 chief mintour ….. pls reply my question hydra thanks ^.^

  29. Azara says:

    May I know what does Azara means?

  30. Athena says:

    Hydra, … …
    My deck seems to be lacking, I can’t maximize my combos with runes and cards , only certain cards i am able to maximize.

    My deck with combos:
    x2 Mammoth = Sweeper + High Hp
    x1 Fenrir = Sweeper
    x1 ChaoticBear = Sweeper
    x1 ChiefMinotaur
    x1 Leviation
    x1 Phoneix
    x1 Tiamat
    x1 Dream Cleric = Cards Healer

    I wan pure wilderness though, not luck obtaining them T.T

  31. Russ25 says:

    Oh hydra i forgot my runes are lvl 2 fire forge,permafrost,ray prison & lvl 3 stone forest

  32. Russ25 says:

    Hi hydra i am lvl 44 and i am asking if this is a good deck
    I have a
    Lvl 10 Blademaster
    Lvl 10 Dryad
    Lvl 10 Royal Guard
    Lvl 10 Bone Dragon
    Lvl 6 Templar
    Lvl 6 Mammoth
    Lvl 5 ChiefMinotaur
    Lvl 5 Griffin & Lvl 5 Mummy & Lvl 5 Aranyani
    These are my other 4**** cards Lvl 7 Titan Lvl 0 Faun Elder,2 royal guards,durahan,blademaster,machina,medusa,dryad & pleiade. I am also stuck in 8-8 tell me other cards that i should use like the 3*** cards please help me thanks

  33. Zenkie says:

    Goodmorning Mr.Hydra can you help me with my cards i dont know how to make my deck stronger this is my cards..

    im very glad if could pick for me im lvl 32 ^_^

  34. Don says:

    I hav 3 liliths, do you recommend me to keep them at lvl 10 or just evolve them?

  35. Hi Hydra, I am currently playing a wilderness deck but seems to fail most of the time at free match and ranking match.

    My Deck:
    -Black Widow
    -Black Widow


    No 5star earth rune cause I used it for ray prison last time….
    Need help!!!

    Spare 4star wilderness cards:
    -Cyclops x2

  36. Angel-Valykrie says:

    Hello sir hydra. I want to ask, I’m still a newbie here (at level 34) my deck is: bone dragon, mummy, blood lich, elf assassin , elf priest, mammoth, pegasusrider , chief Minotaur (all lvl 10) . If I change my hell and forest card into wilderness card such as 2 tantor guard and minotaur for the wilderness guard skill, and 2 faun shaman for it wilderness power skill , how about it? Their attack and hp will be really great right? But, I will need very large amount of gold to enhance them all to lvl 10, oh, and I still have 4 star kingdom card such as machina, tinuth, royal guard, and blademaster, I’m thinking of using tinuth’s kingdom guard skill for them. I need your opinion , thanks for reading my long comment , sir :)

    • Hydra says:

      Actually I am not a fan of hell deck… But minotaur’s 6 wait time is too long.

      Better go to kingdom forest if your cost could accomodate it.
      Kingdom wild is also good.

      • Angel-Valykrie says:

        Hmm… Aren’t the kingdom card afraid of the wilderness cars, especially if they have the assassination skill, and, the wilderness card is famous for their great attack and hp? My friend said that kingdom’s skill is a very no, but their parry is quite good, for hell card, their attack is scary, and their skill is really freakin’ me out but their hp is the lowest from all, for the forest card, the most attractive side is about their healing skill and great hp, but their attack is really low. And I have another problem with my runes .. ‘-‘)/

  37. Ghettos says:

    Kinnra? Nov monthly reward ..update

  38. Ghettos says:

    Where can we find tantorlord?
    Maze,coupon,crystal pack,story,clan store,event,party packs,etc..

  39. Ann says:

    Dear Hydra,

    Can you please tell where can I get my hand on:
    1)Saint Hindin

    Thanks in advance :)

    Server: Hydra
    Invitation code: 44txnk
    Code name: Signum

  40. Chickenpox says:

    Does any 4* and 5* cards containing in the tournament pack ? I just got only 2* 3* cards

  41. Arwin says:

    hi Hydra:
    My current deck is
    lvl 10- 1 tiamat , seismic turtle , titan, medusa,royal dancer, aranyani,lilith
    lvl 15-mammoth , bm, black widow
    runes-stone forest, gulf, red valley, arctic freeze
    but i cant get to kill 10-10 easy mode can get me some help?

    the card i got is
    phoenix x2
    bone dragon x2
    elf knight
    chaoticbear x2
    dryad lvl 15
    orc general
    demon king
    red dragon
    royal guard
    archbishop x2…..this is all the four n five star i got…
    if can help me choose the best combination of it …i been keep losing

  42. Don says:

    Where to find Imp Artisan and Faun Priest?

  43. Henzel says:

    yehey thx for the guide i got my1st 5 star card tiamat at maze thx hydra =)

  44. Daphne says:

    Can give me suggestion what card is anti Soul Reaper??

  45. Kittipos7528 says:

    Hey Hydra, in the game card album have 4s and 5s wilderness total is 23cards, but you have only 22cards, did you miss something?

  46. Henzel says:

    I dont know what card to keep or to level having a hard time mixing the right card T_T please give me some tips i always read this site it helps me a lot but when im in game my cards is still weak (sob)

    • Hydra says:

      The best cards to use depend on your enemy.
      In the map guide, I enumerated the cards you would face for each scenario – to counter those cards is the best strategy.
      Also, the map gives you some help to accomplish this
      Example: Map 4-1 gives you Mummies to counter Forest cards in map 4
      Map 4 (last stage) gives Elf priest which you could use in the early stages of map 5
      Map 5-1 gives Griffin as anti hell (for last stages of map 5 and map 6)
      Map 7 gives blackwidow and gulf as counter to later stages of map 7 and early map 8

      Don’t lose hope dear. Each card has its own use.
      Hydra invites you to read …5s [Astrea] Event, where could you find the cards?My Profile

      • Henzel says:

        Sir hydra would u mind if i post my latest cards can you rate them so that i know what to do

        • Hydra says:

          Sure. You could email me too –

          • Henzel says:

            Thanks sir really great help i will post my current team.
            im at tiamat server.

            2 level 10 DE
            1 level 10 Royal Guard
            1 level 10 Cleric
            1 level 5 Dark ELf Mage
            1 level 5 Elf Priest ( i have 1 more lvl 1
            1 level 5 elf wizard (But i have 3 pcs lvl 1)

            Here is my extra cards
            all of them are lvl 1

            black widow
            orgre warlock
            pegasus rider
            Pegasus Rider
            Lich 2 pcs
            Nosferatu 2 pcs

            im lvl 25 thanks in advance greatly appreciated

  47. Fowl says:

    which cards are the upgrades of the star lvl 1,2,and 3 cards?? does a 1 star zombie just become a 2 star zombie?? can you get other specialty cards my mixing and matching other cards like merging a sniper with a goul??

    • Hydra says:

      Read my card guide. But to save u the trouble, u upgrade a card to level 10 – lvl 0 ghoul to lvl10 ghoul.
      The materials cards to use are just materials or others say – food; use to level up a card.

  48. The Wild says:

    What are the advantages of joining clan?

  49. henzel says:

    waa i cant complete jade hidden map too strong he has obsidian i have 4 magic type card what shoud i do T_T

  50. Mephistopheles says:

    Hi Hydra, how abt “The Prophet”?
    Issit only exclusive to Magic Pack/tournament? Any chance in owning 1 in maze/chest/enemy?

  51. Hehegcbliue says:

    List all surportive forest cards (1s~5s)?

    Like senior elf (forest power)
    Aryani (forest guard)


  52. henzel says:

    Sir can u help what is the best card for beginners?

  53. The Wild says:

    Is there any way to get Viking Hunter?

  54. Don says:

    Where can i find Archmage, Faun Priest and Mermaid?

  55. ghs says:

    eletreant or pegasusrider? is better, ty

  56. mhark says:

    Why I dont have evolve?
    mhark invites you to read …DarkElf Invasion GuideMy Profile

  57. John.pp says:

    Where can I find…

    -Treant Priest
    – Naiad

  58. SilverGrave says:

    where can I get dark demon

  59. Kelsuis says:

    furfur is missing?

  60. Crea says:

    Hey um. Hell packs doesnt have soul reaper azara anubis? only can get from MAGIC PACKS?

  61. Xero says:

    Hi Hydra. Is it possible to get a five star cards from thief and maze?

  62. Lavender says:

    Help! Why those enhanced card can’t be material card?

  63. Erality says:

    Hydra, I get my royal dancer card in lucky draw..

  64. rock says:

    How can find WingedSnake ?

  65. JOE says:

    Are royal dancer only obtainable during event?

  66. Elven Warrior says:

    If you were to use a pure class deck, which class would you choose?

  67. Lailad says:

    Hi , hydra
    Could u plz tell me where i can find [genesis] , [dominix] , [styx oarsman] , [chimera] , [dark demon] and [archdemon] ??? Thank u so much

    • Hydra says:

      [genesis] – mp, mc, cp
      [dominix] – event card
      [styx oarsman] – event card
      [chimera] – event card
      [dark demon] – event card
      [archdemon] – th, cp, di, pp

      Mp – magic pack
      Mc – magic coupon
      Cp – class pack
      Th – thief
      Pp – party pack
      Event card depends on ER

  68. Estorino says:

    where i can find Dark Magus

  69. Ravanell13 says:

    hi hydra, did you know how to get santa?

  70. HolyLegend says:

    Mixed class or pure one class deck better?

  71. TinyTina says:

    ok..thanks alot sir…

  72. TinyTina says:

    sir…how to get [Cleric] 2* card??i need that to complete 13 cards in ‘Who’s your Loli Queen?’ event…which maze?
    i try starter pack since i start playing this game until now 12days already, they not droping Cleric..dont include hard map level 2-2 bcause i already at map 8 sky castle now…event end 12nd sept 1159pm…please help me lol..

  73. Nite says:

    Greeting everyone,

    May I know what is the ‘Chain Attack’ usage from Kirin or Astrea? Currently at Map 9, personally didn’t had much chance to fully utilize the potential of this mechanism especially is 5 * card.

    • Hydra says:

      Chain Attack has no use on maps with different cards. They are useful usually on battle with identical cards like 2 seraph or 3 jormungand or 3 blackwidows.
      Personally I find it too difficult to set. Your opponent should draw these similar cards in the battlefield before it activates.

      • Nite says:

        @Hydra, thank you for your quick reply.

        Touche with your point of view, I just pulled 1 Astrea from maze. Still pondering whether to equip her in my deck since she is 5 * beauty @.@ but her abilities is too difficult to pilot. Especially she can’t make an impact to the game with her appearance.

        • kael thaz says:

          What deck i will use in final lvl of the map this seraph medusa tiamat soul reaper fairy queen styx oarsman and banshee azara blood lych its efective ??? The lvl is final map 12 its so very final and my cards are lvl 15 my runes dirt transparency thunder shield ray prison and im lvl 63
          thx isnt helpful cards or not or i need the kingdom deck give mea examples of effective cards to deafeat the opponent and i see what happen to the last chapter

        • Hydra says:

          Maybe players arent ready yet for her skills. One strategy is to use that card during invasion when majority of players use DarkElf set. (5-6 of them)
          Hydra invites you to read …What could you get from Kingdom, Forest, Hell, and Wilderness Pack?My Profile

  74. Don says:

    Where can we find royal dancer and archibishop?

  75. arcvil says:

    How to get the mermaid, chimera, blade queen? Thanks.

  76. Musashi says:

    I can’t save these images,can u make it downloadable in high resolution ? Thanks

  77. Kioshi says:

    Whens the Update of this Gallery?

  78. monda says:

    Soul Reaper, Senka, Dark Demon … miss a lot

  79. Tamashii says:

    Banshee / Mermaid

  80. unex says:

    I’m confused about killing demon invasion,…. what is the best card that can prolong the battle so I can get more merits….

    • Hydra says:

      Hi Unex, all players need to hit the demon until its hp reaches zero (0). How to prolong your battle heavily depends on your hero’s hp and the cards you use. Either your cards be eliminated before your hero hp becomes zero OR your hero dies before all your cards got in the battlefield.

  81. Jacky says:

    Wow, It Help Much~thanks

  82. Dennis says:

    Where can we find bear warrior?

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