[wpspoiler name=”How do I make suggestions or report in game?”]Tap into MENU > NEWS > REPORT[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”What is Role Name?”]Role Name is the name of your hero in game. [/wpspoiler
[wpspoiler name=”How do I know what server I am logged into?”]Tap Deck. At the lower left side of the window, server name is displayed [/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”Where can I find my Invitation Code?”]Tap Social > Friends > Invite[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”What is Invitation Code for?”]If your friend uses your invitation code to register, you will receive rewards.

1 Invite – 1 Magic Coupon
5 Invites – 1 Magic Coupon
10 Invites – 1 Magic Coupon
15 Invites – 2 Magic Coupons
20 Invites – Time Traveller Card

Note that your invites should complete the basic tutorial for it to be credited to your account[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”What is a Magic Chip?”]Completing 9 Magic Chips will reward you with 1 Magic Coupon.

3 Magic Tickets – From Tower

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3 Magic Tickets – From Free Arena
3 Magic Tickets – Use “Explore” in Maps[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”How do I link Cards in chat?”]Use open and close brackets “[” and “]” with the name of the card inside the brackets.

[wpspoiler name=”How much energy is needed per battle?”]2 energy points are needed per battle. Except for Thief Battles, Free Match, and Rank Matches which do not consume energy.[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”What is Thief”]Thief or Thieves appears when you “Explore” maps. They level up constantly and you would receive gold, exp, and cards for capturing them.

There are two kinds of thieves: Mysterious and Legendary – the latter being stronger.[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”How do I know what are the events in game?”]Tap on Notice Board to access ongoing events.[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”How do I claim the daily rewards?”]Daily Rewards are sent automatically to you when you login

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everyday. Different rewards are given per day.

Login Day / Reward
1 – Magic Tickets x 1
2 – Crystals x 10
3 – Gold x 5,000
5 – Magic Tickets x 1
6 – Crystals x 20
8 – Gold x 10,000
9 – Crystals x 30
10 – Magic Tickets x 2
12 – Crystals x 50
13 – Gold x 20,000
15 – Magic Tickets x 3
16 – Crystals x 70
18 – Gold x 30,000
19 – Crystals x 120
20 – [Viking Hunter] 4* Card[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”How do I create/join clan?”]Player can create clan once he reaches level 30. Other players could join the clan when he/she reaches level 25[/wpspoiler]

50 Responses to FAQs

  1. CoupDGrayc says:

    Hello Hydra,
    I won red fox cards scraps from the Lillith event but now I can’t use them. It just says 15/0 and that it’s available. I tried to compose but it doesn’t work either. Why can’t I use the scraps? What do I need to do to get it to show how many scraps I need to compose it?
    Thank you

  2. Nicky says:

    Dear Hydra,
    Why i cant evolve 5 star cards with the same name at level 10 even if i remove both the cards from any deck?
    Besides that, after i click [select the evolved card] and sort by Five-star, i can’t see any 5 star cards even though i have several 5 star level 10 cards in my inventory.
    Anyone able to provide some advise to me? thanks in advance

  3. Nicky says:

    Hi Hydra,
    how do i evolve 5 star cards? I have 2 level 10 seraph cards and i can’t evolve it!!
    After i remove the cards from all 4 decks, it doen’t have any card to choose even if i got same card at level 10 !!! pls help !

  4. Erwin hartanto says:

    Hi hydra, why my demon invasion didn’t show up on my elves realm? It always happen, so i can’t get demon invasion event. What should i do?

  5. op zoro says:

    Btw if gm cant do a thing about this I demand a refund

    • Hydra says:

      Well you should have… Please keep messaging ER FB page until u get the refund. I sometimes receive my refund immediately- sometimes after a day.

  6. op zoro says:

    Hay hydra iv purchase 600crystals n it din give me n says u already own this item after a stupid error. Now I want my crystals to my acc now my ign [OP]ZORO at tiamat server using my facebook account to play

  7. drogba15cfc says:

    when I update the game to 1.3.7 on my phone
    android 4.0.
    I can start the game, the update loading but just run to 7% and it’s jump over to the main screen but I can’t access any match anymore…I just see the main screen and can’t play any more..The map just loading and loading.
    It didn’t happen before I update to newest version…
    I think this bug is a error of version 1.3.7
    Can you give me any ideas for troubleshoot and continue my game
    I can’t play for 3 days

    • Hydra says:

      Dont update. Just reinstall.

      • drogba15cfc says:

        I delete it and reinstall but now it auto download from google play and install version 1.3.7 ,so anything still not working…Can’t play…I think your team should repair the install file or give us another version for android..
        I see another gamer have the same problem with me

  8. tcc says:

    I update the apps. Now I cannot play. Pls resolve it ASAP. Got energy like no use. I using Samsung note 3.

  9. erwin hartanto says:

    hi, hydra
    i’m a bit confused, is it stack the dodge 5 (lv 10) and dodge 2 (lv 15)? for example mermaid lv15 has 4th skill dodge 2.

  10. Ziet says:


    I have a technical issue with the app.
    The initial download of the app is 60+MB which i can easily move to my SD card.
    But as soon as you start the game, an update will take place and over 400mb of data is downloaded and stuck in my internal storage. Most phones only have 1-2gb of internal space. 60MB can be moved, but not the data that was downloaded for the game to run! can this be fixed in anyway? I cant install any other things on my phone anymore. I may have to delete the whole application.

  11. Kevin says:

    may i ask why in my android phone not all cards have complete image. unlike in my android tablet it has all image for the cards. please help me thanks

  12. karla says:

    hi hydra.
    i already finish map 10-1 up to 10-10., all in 1star only, why the hidden level isnt appear yet ? and also the tower?

  13. Miharu says:

    Excuse me, may I have a question please? Im a new player in the gaia server, I just keep losing rank battles as well as map battles since map 8 despite my efforts of enhancing cards to lv 10. Perhaps my deck is the problem, would you mind correcting me to achieve a better efficiency? My deck consists of:
    1 Royal guard
    2 Elf Wizards
    1 Guath
    1 Dark Elf
    1 Naiad
    1 Archmage
    1 Black Widow
    I dont have a good runes set, I use thunderstorm, tornado and fireforge, 1 star and two 3 stars respectively.

    I dont have any five stars, and my cards are lv 10. My heroine’s lv is 32, and I’m considering of enhancing those cards for replacement, but Im not sure whether or not its a good idea: Mammoth, or Dryad, or Durahan, or Knight, Electra-Eel, Aranyani, Chief Pirate, or another Royal Guard. I know they might not be the best idea, but thats all I have atm :( Would you please give me some guidance of my build and replacement if neccessary? Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much!

    • Hydra says:

      There is NO universal deck that beats all opponents. In short, adjust your deck depending on your enemy.
      Map 8 are mostly kingdom cards. You need cards such as
      – 2 to 3 Black Widow (assasination)
      – Tankers such as your 2 Royal Guards and Mammoth
      – Remove Darkelf and replace it with Durahan
      – Get runes to disable cards such as coldwave (map 3-7)
      – Use gulf rune (also free from maps)
      – Your elf wizard could be removed to accomodate mammoth, royalguard and blackwidows and durahan

      Good luck!

      • Miharu says:

        Thank you for your quick response! Since my deck has many mages with fire or ice aoe, I get in trouble everytime the opponent has the reflection skill or especially runes. If Im to replace some cards with Darkelf and Elf wizard, should it be Mammoth or Durahan or Royal guard? (Or maybe another black widow?) I love mammoth skills, but it requires 6 turns idle, and Archmage does too, so I was afraid that if I have too many 6 turns cards it could get cloggy at times, is it wrong? :( Besides, is Durahan worth the trouble to enchant to 10? Im sorry for asking too many questions, thank you again for your kind help!

  14. kelvin says:

    When can i promote myself to Knight in clan?
    What are the advantages?
    is there any guide which i can refer to?

    • kelvin says:

      anyone who can help?

      • Hydra says:

        no advantages :) just title
        you need to surpass the contribution points of other knights above you to self promote.
        Hydra invites you to read …DarkElf Invasion GuideMy Profile

        • kelvin says:

          how does been in clan helps? does it means more gold and experience when we go into battle? or any significant advantages? as i have been donating quite alot of gold to the clan.

          • Hydra says:

            When your clan level reaches 10, your kingdom class tech reaches 10, and your clan store reaches 10; seraph will be available which could be purchased for 13k honors. So the more donations you make, the more honor points you would acquire…
            For every 10k donation, you would have 5 honor points.
            Seraph is 13k so do the math.

            As for the help the clan gives, it gives bonus damage in battles and demon invasion (Class techs), less cards consumed during enchanting (Enchant tech), more exp gained in battles (Exp tech) and more gold gained in battles (Gold tech)
            Hydra invites you to read …DarkElf Invasion GuideMy Profile

  15. kelvin says:

    What reward when i complete 31 achievement?

  16. MasterEX says:

    I can’t evolve my Elf Wizard !!! I got 2 leven 10 Elf Wizard but i cant evolve it , when i put it on the [select the evolved card] , the [select the material card] when i click it , it doen’t have any card to choose even if i got same card at level 10 !!! pls help !

  17. ballybosh says:

    Can I ask u something, please ?
    What is the ATK of Cyclop when we evolve and enchant him to lvl 15 ?

  18. LOlOoooo says:

    Can you give me a short distruction about the clan\clan wars ?

  19. Paul_18 says:


    can you help me pls…I was wondering what is the difference being stunned by Electric skill such as “Tornado” and being stunned by water such as “Avalanche”

    Toranado is 3* while Avalnce is 4* but thier success rate is 40% and 35% respectively
    taking that into consideration Tornado is better cause their final damage is the same at max level…

    so I was thinking whats the difference… if they both activated they both prevent card from moving next round?? are there any special difference between the 2? or its just the way they will be activated …

    Please help tnks

  20. kujow says:

    What reward when i complete 31 achievement?

  21. axelrod says:

    hydra.. want to ask.. what benefit for being clan leader? and what benefit if win clan match? ty :)

    • Hydra says:

      Clan leader – aside from power and fame allows you to participate some events meant for clan leaders only.
      Aside from that, you have the ability to bid in clan wars.

      What benefit if win clan match – there are two benefits
      1. It will increase your honor points and contribution points.
      Honor – allows you to buy cards in the clan store
      Contribution – allows you to self promote and become Knight, Elder, Deputy or Leader.
      2. Gold

  22. kujow says:

    How to envelope card to lel 15?

  23. Dd says:

    What about magic tournament? The chances of 4 stars and 5 stars.

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