Onaga Deck, The Secret Finally Revealed

200k merit in one hit! How is that even possible? Yes. It is possible – and in this post, I will reveal the backbone used in such decks. This has been passed to me by a friend (you know who … Continue reading

Where to find the cards required for the 5s Basilisk event?

Event Time: November 19th,18:00 – November 30th,23:59 (GMT+8) Server: S1~S12 According to ER, they are to release a few more events to help the players acquire some of the required cards:   Card Required to Collection a five star card: … Continue reading

Temple Meditate Guide

“Arrrghhh, 200,000 gold and not even a purple or gold scrap. This is really frustrating.” That was me before someone taught me this strategy.   Meditation is a double-edged sword Be lucky and get many gold/purple scrap OR be unlucky … Continue reading

Latest Cards

Elves Realm is probably preparing its database to introduce new cards and skills. The new cards has been leaked already and the elves are now excited to get these cards on their deck. So without further delay here are some … Continue reading

Show Capital “ELVES REALM”

Lots of players are asking if I could put out a quick summary of cards to be used on this event…so here it is! Event is from October 26 – November 10 only. E Easter Bunny (Thanks Huang) Elf Assassin … Continue reading

5s [Astrea] Event, where could you find the cards?

ER created a new event where you need to collect the cards below from October 15-27 and 5-star card [Astrea] will be yours. I know this event is harder than I first thought it was – you need to collect … Continue reading

DarkElf Invasion Guide

I am sure you are all excited for this guide. If you haven’t read my demon invasion guide, please do so now. Basic Invasion Guide   Now that you know the basics, it’s time to show you how many Darkelf … Continue reading

What could you get from Kingdom, Forest, Hell, and Wilderness Pack?

I was asked numerous times about the cards that could appear when buying the class packs (available everyday at 8:00pm – 10:00pm). Here are they – bon apetit! [tab name="Forest Pack"] Four-star Cards Five-star Cards Dryad Fire Drake Faun Elder … Continue reading

How to farm gold fast?

Yeehaw! Gold is one of the core of this game – the only thing that matters aside from crystals and cards. In this post, I will show you tips on how to farm gold faster so you could enchant your … Continue reading

Where to Farm 4star cards?

Did you know that someone from Titan server completed all the maps without any 5s cards? Yes. And having the right 4s card very important if you are unlucky in getting 5-star cards. So here the list of 4-star cards … Continue reading