Where Can I Get 5-star Card?

By popular demand, I am listing here all known sources of the coveted 5s card.

Clan Store

  • Jormungand – Honor points needed: 11, 400
  • Banshee – Honor points needed: 11, 700
  • Phoenix – Honor points needed: 12, 300
  • Seraph – Honor points needed: 13, 000


  • Banshee
  • Fafnir
  • Hydra
  • Jormungand
  • Leviathan
  • Soul Reaper
  • Tiamat

Maze Completion Reward

  • Ares
  • Artemis
  • Astrea (Confirmed by Sanchenz)
  • Banshee
  • Hydra
  • Jormungand
  • Leviathan
  • Phoenix
  • Seraph

Tower Chest (Map 6-7-8 only) – Thanks Sivali for the snapshot

Tower Chest 5 star

  • Astrea
  • Fafnir
  • Hydra
  • Soul Reaper
  • Tiamat

Magic Coupon (Buy with Coupons) – If you don’t know how to get coupons for free, see my Complete Coupon Guide

  • Phoenix
  • Seraph

Magic Pack (Buy with Crystals)

  • Ares
  • Artemis
  • Banshee
  • Jormungand
  • Leviathan
  • Phoenix
  • Seraph

There you have it. Good luck with the hunt!!!

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133 Responses to Where Can I Get 5-star Card?

  1. KohSkywalker says:

    Just so you know. You can get Fafnir by finishing Maze too.
    i’ve got two. :)

  2. Pp says:

    I got Aranyani from Maze Completion 7 pls add

  3. acess says:

    Hello hydra!

    i just want to ask if there’s a technique or steps that must follow in sequence to get a 5 from maze? I got soul reaper on tower 8 by trying a maze pattern …. then by using the same pattern on tower 7, i got a hydra and i got those cards within a single day

    is that luck? OR there’s a pattern?

    HAha just want to know, thanks!

    • Paoulo says:

      Can you give us the pattern that you did? After i got my first 5s card from tower chest I’m struggling to get one again. would you be so kind to share your trick? :) Thankyou!

    • Hydra says:

      Try repeating evryday. If it works — then maybe u could share to us. Afaik, no pattern exists in getting 5s in maze.

  4. Tiamat says:

    Hi hydra. ..nice blog btw….about 5s in the clan store….what come next after banshee?…coz the clan store will refresh every 24 hour rite?..is it random?

    • Hydra says:

      It’s random :)
      Refresh if I remembered correctly- 22:00, 0:00, 09:00

      • Tiamat says:

        Thanx though….1 more thing…hydra can u giv more detail about clan match…honor system…i mean do leader deputy n knight gain more honor than member??..i know this question its a bit off topic…but yea i need to know :)

  5. Huntress says:

    Hydra , Fafnir is also a maze completion reward :)

  6. Russ25 says:

    I got hydra from a chest yey my first 5 star card..so lucky!!

  7. vermilion says:

    I still can’t get 5 star cards even i follow the step and completed maze even…
    why so hard to get??

  8. Paoulo says:

    Hello Hydra, where can I get a frost treant? :) Thanks in advance for the reply.

    • Fafnir says:

      Frost Treant can easily get from any pack such as party pack, forest pack, magic pack and the newly thanksgiving pack. I got dozen of them, all from packs.

  9. noea says:

    hi hydra , please tell me where can i get Royal Dancer ?? thanks .

  10. Paoulo says:

    i’ve been playing elves realm for 4 months already. My deck is composed of 4s cards, and after seeing this part of the website I got my first 5s card, fafnir, it was awsome. :D

  11. Gavin Ang says:

    Hi Hydra….do u know what are the 5* we can get from Magic Tournament???

  12. cactus says:

    Hi Hydra, I’m curious is there a minimum hero level in order for thief to drop 5*?

  13. AlexGX says:

    Map6 maze complete reward farnir I get just now

  14. Webdreadnought says:

    Fafnir can found in maze completion
    I got it yesterday

  15. Einlanzer says:

    Leviathan can be found in hell packs according to several players in different servers. Please update.

  16. four says:

    how to leveling up clan store?

  17. HolyLegend says:

    Could you also add what are the 4s/5s we can get from tournament? Thank you very much. Much appreciated.

  18. topak says:

    TIAMAT is also a maze completion award :)

  19. Misaki96 says:

    Btw you can get a Fafnir from Maze Completion, i can give the Picture if you want…

  20. four says:

    What is “Maze Completion”?

  21. kim harold says:

    so how can i unlock the 5star card in clan store?

  22. tuichie says:

    Hydra, I have registered and selected my cards for the tournament. Now that it has started, I don’t seem to have the option to play a tournament match? Or is this all auto match? All I see in arena is tournament in progress

  23. Joshua says:

    Is Magic Touroment or Class pack better for 5*?

  24. Octo says:

    hi, im already have my clan lvl and clan store tech lvl5, but i still dont see any 4 star card selling on my clan store so far like 1 month after upgraded, izzit all others add forest/kingdom/wilderness/hell TECH have to b lvl5 too?

  25. Anthony says:

    I got fafnir at 7 level completion..
    I just want seraph and tiamat..
    Hydra, can i got 5*runes in map? Or have to meditate?
    Can you advice me to finish level 8 map? That’s so hard

  26. lawrence ff says:

    i kept getting 4s card…
    lawrence ff invites you to read …DarkElf Invasion GuideMy Profile

  27. buburoyal says:

    i fking unlucky 44lvl dun have 5star card i save 40 magic coupon and get nrh 1 four star also dun have what the fking going on

  28. Saika4869 says:

    i got Fafnir from tower chest map 8

  29. Ecalyte says:

    What level does the clan store have to be before you have access to these cards?

    • Hydra says:

      For 5star cards to appear, the following should be met
      - Level 10 clan level
      - Level 10 class level (kingdom unlocks seraph, hell unlocks banshee, etc)
      - Level 10 clan store

  30. ziL says:

    where to get card like mermaid, lich lord, blade queen and others?

  31. rainel says:

    hydra, are all clans selling these 5star cards? can you post about the money and honor ratio? thanks in advance :)

    • Hydra says:

      Hi rainel. Yes, clan shops sell 5star cards. I listed it here in the post below.

      Donation in Gold 10k = 5 honor points.
      So to buy Seraph which is 13k, you need about 26M gold donation to get it.

      Clan wars are the easiest way to earn honor points. You would get minimum of 90 honor points if you didnt kill anybody from the clan war battle. (Which is equivalent to 180k gold donation)
      Hydra invites you to read …Where Can I Get 5-star Card?My Profile

  32. Ian says:

    I keep getting 2* at Level 6 and 7 maze.

  33. Blue says:

    which is the maze completiton reward ?

  34. jigs516 says:

    hi. hydra!!! jigs516 here.. how are you. nice site btw.
    i got 2 fafnirs
    in tower6-maze; completion and tower7-chest. ;)

  35. sksl says:

    in maze , i use skip to get 5* card ? or we must lucky to get *5 card
    thank before

  36. Johnyyy says:

    How can I get GAIA ?

  37. Nicholas Hugo says:

    how about cards like santa, winged snake etc? also does the dollar event for senka still working?

  38. Me says:

    Hydra, I got fafnir from maze 8 completion and not the chest. Do add in too. Thanks.

  39. Matin Safwan says:

    what about exploring ?

  40. Metallon says:

    Thank you very much hydra for the amazing site, i will tell my friends about this site, very helpful :D

  41. Tiamat also in completion reward

  42. Eisya Wistenia says:

    Hi just want to amend, azara is the new name of embodiment of the phoenix

  43. ms.ela says:

    thanks for the guide. hope i can get one too…

  44. ochin says:

    I think Hydra drops from magic pack too

  45. anumberis says:

    maze completion reward refers to any level 3 – 8 towers?

  46. Tokha says:

    WOW HYDRA!!! thanks for the info :D

  47. swachika says:

    Yo hydra… im swachika… its nice to know your website… its nice and its very help full for biginers like me… now im lvl 30 but im stuck at lvl 7… there was many crazy card that will counter our magic… did you have any advice how can i beat that monster…

  48. lo says:

    is the maze completion reward applied to towers 6-8 too? or any tower?

  49. mahoukaze says:

    woah! This is a good site! I have been searching for a guide like this since I started to play elves realm. I look forward for more updates on the guides. :)


  50. Guest says:

    Hydra : drop rate 5* in tower 6-8 ?

  51. TornNie says:

    Hydra : Clan store 5 star card, what level of clan is required ? As my clan is level 2, i’m only seeing 3 star card maximum at a random chance.

  52. Merimoki says:

    There is another way to get 5* card!!! That is Magic tournament!!!!

    • Hydra says:

      Yeah, technically its crystal pack x2 :) ill include it later.

      • Ares says:

        how does tournament works?

        • Hydra says:

          Ares, after paying for the registration fee, you will be given 15 cards.
          From this 15, you need to select 7 cards to battle with other players’ deck.

          After selecting your final 7, you will be able to select one card from to “take” after the tournament finishes.

          You need to wait until the tournament ends to be able to get your prize card – win or lose.

  53. dirordel says:

    yap i got hydra on tower 7

  54. SnOzAr says:

    Wow, thanks for information hydra
    But Magic Coupon get card 5 star is lucky right ?

  55. Skyvern says:

    Uhm how about anubis?

  56. Kiyoko says:

    What about Senka? Thanks in advance!

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